“Having ideas is like a muscle. If you don’t have ideas every day, your idea muscle might atrophy.”

James Altucher

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I believe that engaging our ideas is key to bring out the best in all of us. A bold statement, maybe, but bear with me. Most of us have ideas once in a while, and some of them are actually valuable, but rarely we do anything with them, or even remember them. The solution is to systematize our idea process. This allows us to form an idea habit of consistently generating new ideas. Suddenly, we can see opportunities where before…

Do you have your own Pilot, Plane, and Engineer?

Yes you have — we are practically always acting as either the Pilot, Plane, or Engineer, whether consciously or not. I find this mental model an extremely useful approach to everyday life — let’s dive in:

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As far as I know, this concept (you can skip to 3:48 of the video) was coined by medical doctor M.D. and YouTuber Ali Abdaal as a mental model for productivity.
On a side note, I love Ali’s approach to lifelong learning and productivity — he acts as a guide, not a guru, sharing his lessons along the way. Whereas gurus quickly tire us out…

The More Disciplined You Become The Easier Life Gets

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If you are like most people, you’ve gone through periods of struggling with discipline. The discipline of eating healthy, exercising or starting that project you have been dreaming of. Anything, really, that you truly want to do, and you know is best for you.

Chances are, you managed to focus on something else, diverting yourself, maybe even escaping into some short-term reward. Repeat the pattern, and you remain stuck in a loop of procrastination — without getting to the thing you wanted to do in the first place. An escape loop.

Anders Brenøe Isbrand

Lifelong learner. Book reader. Viking descendant (maybe). Twin. Finnish-wilderness-cross-country-skiing-aficionado.

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